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Polywood® Shutters

Polywood® Shutters are exceptional in terms of product innovation, serving as the leading custom plantation shutters in America with over 10 million shutters sold.

These shutters are 100% tailor-made in the USA and specifically designed using a sturdy and eco-friendly substitute for solid wood, ensuring they remain free from chipping, cracking, warping, or splitting.

Alongside numerous other benefits to admire, such as moisture resistance, fire resistance, and termite resistance, the enduring durability of Polywood® Shutters surpasses that of any other window covering. They even come with an all-inclusive 100% Lifetime Warranty.

Whether you’re constructing a new home or embarking on a home improvement project, elevate your space with our industry-leading Polywood® Shutters and elevate your home to the next level!


Thermal Image The Polywood Shutter Insulating System Can Save You up to $1200 Through the Federal Energy Tax Credit Tax credit badge. 

Undoubtedly, Polywood® Shutters are a prime investment for those seeking long-lasting functionality, remarkable aesthetics, and versatile style to complement any interior design scheme.

One distinctive feature that sets Polywood® Shutters apart from other plantation shutters, as well as other window coverings, is their extrusion with exclusive and patented weather stripping. 

This adds an additional layer of window insulation, forming the Polywood® Shutter Insulating System.

This window treatment is a game-changer when it comes to maximizing energy efficiency within any space. It outlasts traditional wood shutters and provides up to 70% more efficient insulation.

This system is one of the factors that distinguishes Sunburst’s Polywood® Shutters from the competition, and it can effectively reduce heating and cooling costs by blocking up to 30 degrees of airflow that would typically pass through windows.

Moreover, Polywood shutters are now eligible for a 2023 federal tax credit of up to $1200!

Unbelievable Benefits with Polywood® At Sunburst Shutters, we are dedicated to designing remarkable window coverings that transform your home.

Our Polywood® plantation shutters exude a stunning luxury appeal that surpasses that of any other shutters.

Discover how our top-of-the-line Polywood® Shutters combine smart engineering, durability, energy efficiency, and expert design to enhance your home. Schedule a free in-home design consultation with our experts and witness the difference firsthand.